International Volunteer Day 02- 09 December 2022

Cairo and Alexandria - Egypt

Volunteering is one of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities you will ever encounter. It gives you the chance to bring a change in the people around you, and in the process, it also changes you. The gratification you can obtain by playing a positive role in someone else’s life is unparalleled....        

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is an initiative between Business and Civil sector to create a Partnership for Cooperation in order to promote the STEM approach to education through interdisciplinary teaching in cultural, environmental, economic, design, and other contexts. 

This initiative englobes ICPM Group, EACD, LEAD, LIFE, MASAR, SIGMA, LEKAA. 

This collaboration between Business and Development has set common priorities and objectives to be pursued between with partners in different fields of education, training, youth and sport.

Through concrete projects, we wish to connect researchers, consultants and associations with public authorities, companies and social actors in order to meet the many emerging challenges, contribute to social cohesion, and provide technical solution along with NGOS integrated management, in order to build strategic and longitudinal partnerships.