Bid Management Consultancy

Bid management is an art that many management teams find challenging; after all, it’s not their core skill.

But it’s one of ours


Bid management consultancy refers to overseeing and assisting with a range of processes that support bid and tender applications — from sourcing the best tenders and opportunities, to writing the bids, and preparing the supporting material and submissions.

ICPM offer a comprehensive range of bid consultancy services to suit you and your company, and can even manage your bid and tender processes every step of the way. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, while knowing that the best opportunities are always being identified, and the strongest possible applications being made – all in the most efficient and cost-effective ways.

Why Use a Bid Management Consultant?

The bid and tender process can easily become complex, time-consuming and overwhelming, if not properly managed.
What this means, is that your company could start losing out on the best opportunities by not being aware of them, or by not having the time and resources to prepare an appropriate and competitive application.
With bids and tenders becoming more competitive than ever before, standing out from your competitors with a quality application is essential. The strength, persuasiveness, and effectiveness of your bids are what will win you more work, build your network, and grow your enterprise.
Expert bid management can ensure that you are always on top of these processes, and achieving the best possible results. It will also help to identify the best opportunities for you and your business, while boosting your success rates in winning more work.

What We Do?

At Bid & Tender Support, we are experts in bid and tender services. We can find the best tenders and opportunities for your organization, manage your applications so that they are strong and bespoke to the job, and win you more work as a result!

What We Offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of bid and tender services designed to maximize your chances of securing more work and achieving the best results.
We also offer a bid search service, to ensure that you are aware of all the best tenders and opportunities. We can also provide consultations in strategy and training for your team, so you can implement the best practice, and start to apply some of our processes in-house.
Additionally, we can undertake a comprehensive review of your current processes, to identity strengths and weaknesses, then enact change to ensure greater compliance and help improve your quality score — which will instantly boost your chances of impressing clients and winning more work!


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