Projects Scheduling Services

We at ICPM - PMIS understand the importance of a project running according to plan

ICPM's project schedule specialists have deep expertise in building construction project schedules with a wide variety of scheduling tools and custom templates. We can also help you maintain, update, and track the status throughout the lifecycle of the project to keep your schedule on-time.

If you already have a project schedule built, we can thoroughly review for feasibility and identify any gaps or risks that need to be addressed.

Benefits of Using Expert Schedulers

Focus on what you are good at

You know how to deliver a fantastic service to your clients. Spend more of your time working on your project instead of stuck behind the scheduling software or resource planning

Confident compliance

You’ll tick every box and meet every requirement because our expert schedulers know exactly how to deliver compliant project controls using industry best practice techniques.

Transparent reporting

You’ll get reliable schedule reports so you always know how the project is performing and have accurate progress updates to share with your clients.

Better project success rates

You’ll be able to make better decisions because you’ll always have access to robust and professional scheduling information to make sure you hit every date.

Improved customer satisfaction

A Quickly add expertise to your team, and show clients you are using best-in-class scheduling techniques for better outcomes.

Lower project costs

You won’t need to invest in expensive software, training or recruitment and retention for in-house staff. Benefit from cost-effective turnkey solutions for every client engagement with our pool of expert contractors.


ICPM Primavera schedulers provide the expertise to build project schedules, monitor status and maintain schedules and provide standard and custom reports to help you complete your projects on time and on budget.


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